Props & Palettes grew out of a need to preserve things...odd things, rusty things, historical things, mismatched things, sentimental things...if it had a unique color, purpose, or patina, then it was worth saving. So after 30 years of rescuing, collecting and using these things to decorate our homes and create interest at family events, we've opened our storage doors to anyone desiring a personalized touch to their special event.

Our Mission

To create a purpose for our hoarding, that's only my husbands' opinion! What we really want is to offer our lovely and treasured items for use by others; to create that special ambiance, to detail that unique photo shoot, or to highlight that new inventory for prospective customers. 

Our Services

PROP RENTAL: Providing distinctive furniture and objects that create interest. Our storage is full of one-of-a-kind furniture, seating, signage, lighting, and lots of items to create unique backdrops and tablescapes. Most of our items are timeless and can adapt to any style, so take a look through our Props pages & choose items that express YOU at your next celebration. We've listed general rental prices here, but we'll need to talk to get the most accurate estimate.

DELIVERY & SET-UP: Offering services to maximize your time and save your sanity. We offer delivery and set-up services in Huntsville, Madison city and surrounding areas. The typical delivery charge is $75 per rental load. Contact us to discuss delivery/setup options for your events outside of this general area.

CONSULTATION: Sharing ideas on ways our props can be used. We love every item that we have in storage, and are constantly creating new designs on how they can be used. Contact us if you want to brainstorm about how our items can add to your vision. There's no charge for exchanging ideas.

ITEM SEARCH: Using our resources to locate special pieces. Don't purchase and store items for months in preparation for a one-time event & then hassle with reselling them. We're purchasing, fixing and repurposing items all the time. If our current props can't bring about your creative vision, then contact us. Your idea and need might be a good addition to our inventory....if we can find it for the right price, then we'll purchase the item(s) for rental at your event and then save it for re-use by future clients.

PALETTE STYLING: Working one-on-one to create an event that reflects your style. Everyone wants their celebration to be unique and to reflect their own personal style but sometimes the massive amount of ideas on Pinterest and Instagram can be overwhelming, or maybe DIY just isn't an option for you on an upcoming event. We've done a lot of celebrations over the last 30 years and would welcome the chance to help personalize your celebration - no matter your budget. We offer some basic styling packages (future post), but you can always contact us if these don't meet your prospective needs.